The best way to get involved is to attend our monthly committee meetings!

Join us at Salus University, 8340 Old York Rd, Room S405 @ 7:30 PM:
  • January 8th, 2024
  • February 12th, 2024
  • March 11th, 2024
  • April 8th, 2024
  • May 13th, 2024
  • June 10th, 2024
  • July 8th, 2024
  • No meeting in August
  • September 9th, 2024
  • October 7th, 2024 (1st Monday)
  • November 11th, 2024
  • December 9th, 2024

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Cheltenham Democratic Committee

    The Cheltenham Democratic Committee needs help recruiting people to serve as Ward leaders, committee people, and assistant committee people as required by a ward.

    • Committee Person

      (4-10 hours / month)

      Committee people get to know and educate their neighbors about Democratic candidates and upcoming elections. They also help shape their community by voting for the endorsement of candidates.

      They phone bank, canvass and volunteer during the primary and general elections in support of Democratic candidates in Cheltenham.

    • Associate Committee Person

      (2-5 hours / month)

      Associate committee people perform the same tasks as committee people except for voting for endorsement. This is a great way to get involved with the CDC and help ensure Democratic values are represented well in Cheltenham.

    • Resident Welcome Packets

      (1-5 hours / month)

      Create and help distribute welcome packets to new Cheltenham residents.

  • Bylaws Committee

    The Bylaws Committee updates and amends the bylaws, as needed to address changes in CDC processes, compliance with Area 9, MCDC or PA state committee requirements. The Chairperson of the CDC Bylaws Committee serves as the Parliamentarian of the CDC.

    • Member

      (1-3 hours / month)
      Participate in the bylaws committee.
  • Communications Team

    The communications team works with the Corresponding Secretary to help manage email communications, social media accounts, keeping track of upcoming events, and staying in touch with external entities.

    • Assistant Corresponding Secretary

      (5-10 hours / month)
      Work with the corresponding secretary to help the community stay informed about key activities and issues.
    • Member

      (1-4 hours / month)
      Work with the corresponding secretary to help the community stay informed about key activities and issues.
  • Finance Committee

    The Finance Committee prepares the annual budget, and in concert with the Fundraising Committee, raises the funds for the approved budget. The Finance Committee communicates with the Treasurer to maintain continuous awareness of the condition of the treasury alone with any information required for campaign finance reports. Volunteers are needed to support these activities.

    • Assistant Treasurer

      (1-5 hours / month)
      Work with the Treasurer to understand and execute the financial operations of the CDC.
  • Food Pantry

    The Food Pantry Committee works with local food pantries to solicit food donations or gift cards for individuals and/or families in the community in need of food.

    • Member

      (1-5 hours / month)
      Work with the leadership to ensure food pantries in our area have the resources needed to support those in need.
    • Volunteer

      (1-5 hours / month)
      Help collect and package food for donation and pick up.
  • Fundraising Committee

    The Fundraising Committee explores activities and events to raise monies to support the CDC in their mission to elect candidates and promote Democratic causes.

    • Fundraising Committee Chair

      (5-10 hours / month)
      Lead the fundraising committee in order to ensure the CDC has the capital needed to operate.
    • Member

      (1-5 hours / month)
      Help plan and execute ideas for fundraisers for the CDC in line with our annual fundraising goals.
  • Get Out The Vote (GOTV) Task Force

    Get out the Vote is a critical responsibility of the CDC. GOTV activities include phone banking, texting, canvassing and educating voters and encouraging them to vote (by mail or in person) for Democratic candidates during the primary and general elections.

    • GOTV Committee Chair

      (5-10 hours / month)
      Work with CDC leadership to organize and execute our GOTV efforts.
    • Committee Member

      (1-5 hours / month)
      Help organize the CDC’s GOTV efforts.
    • Canvassing

      (1-10 hours / month)
      Work with committee people to help distribute physical literature, and survey potential voters.
    • Phone Banking

      (1-10 hours / month)
      Help call potential voters.
    • Text Banking

      (1-10 hours / month)
      Help send targeted text messages to potential voters.
    • Social Media Volunteer

      (1-4 hours / month)
      Work with the corresponding secretary to ensure that various social media groups in Cheltenham are kept informed of key issues related to the elections.
    • Inside Poll Worker

      (14 hours on election day)
      Work with the county’s Voter Services to ensure the election runs smoothly.
    • Outside Poll Worker

      (2-14 hours on election day)
      Work with the CDC to help share information about endorsed candidates.
  • Social Committee

    The Cheltenham Democrats Social Committee is made up of volunteers who come together with the hope of building the party through social activities that encourage a sense of community.

    • Social Committee Chair

      (5-10 hours / month)
      Lead the committee to establish processes for evaluating ideas and executing social events.
    • Member

      (1-5 hours / month)
      Work to help identify, plan, and execute social events.
  • Technology

    Local organizations require technology to operate efficiently! Come learn tools of the trade, or introduce us to the ones you're already expert in.

    • Website Maintenance

      (1-5 hours / month)
      Help us keep our website up to date with current information.
    • Zoom / A.V.

      (4 hours / month)
      Help make sure our in-person meetings run smoothly by monitoring zoom and ensuring speakers have access to microphones.
    • Technology Management

      (1-5 hours / month)
      Work with the officers to ensure that the CDC’s technology needs are met (e.g. password management, communication tools, etc.).
  • Voter Registration Committee

    The Voter Registration Committee registers people who are eligible to vote. Voter registration is non-partisan. This Committee organizes voter registration drives at various community locations.

    • Member

      (1-5 hours / month)
      Work with the committee to plan and organize voter registration events.
    • Voter Registration

      (2-5 hours / month)
      Help register people to vote at various community locations.
    • Targeted Canvassing

      (2-5 hours / month)
      Canvas Cheltenham to ensure residents know how to register to vote.
  • Young Democrats

    The Young Democrats is a standing committee dedicated to recruiting younger members (under 40 years old) to the CDC. Activities might be social, rooted in targeted communication, or rooted in advocacy.

    • Young Democrats Chair

      (5-10 hours / month)
      Lead the commit Help recruit young democrats into the CDC and ensure their interests are reflected in the organization.
    • Member

      (1-5 hours / month)
      Help plan events and activities related to the interests of young Cheltenham democrats.